For Wednesday, Nov. 19: Last Readings, Updates and Reminders on Digital Projects and Other Assignments

On Wednesday we will try to tie together our discussion of the Islamic State and the diversity of Islamist ideologies from Monday with some attention to the overthrow of the Morsi presidency in Egypt, the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, and the return of the military to open governance in Egypt. There are two blog articles below to read along with the “Afterword” of Battle for the Arab Spring. Also look below for some explanations of what work is due when in the coming weeks. As you read this material, think about the questions I posed at the end of class on Monday:

1) Is there an ethical or constructive way for Arab and/or Islamic peoples to preserve their culture against globalization?

2) How (if you believe so) is the Islamic State a threat to US national security?

After reading “Afterword,” read this article about Morsi’s response to Sisi’s inauguration this summer, and this article about the attraction of the Islamic State.


1) Since Wednesday is the last day for which you will post anything to your Google map, I would like you to take until Monday next week to review your work and make sure you’ve completed all of the items to be tagged from readings as listed on your rubric. Be sure that each tag is somehow labeled for the reading assignment it comes from.

2) Friday is the last day to post to Diigo. Be sure that you have completed as many items as are listed on the rubric. I’ve decided due to technical problems with Diigo to score each item as a completion grade rather than giving points for annotation and so forth. Complete them all and you’ll get the full credit for that assignment.

3) The final research summary is due by midnight on Sunday, Dec. 7. Look at the rubric for the final presentation and final research summary that I added to your rubric folder. Ideally we should meet to talk about your blog either this week or before your brief presentation during the final week of classes.

4) Be sure to send me your co-curricular papers and your workshop reflection paper in a timely manner. I would like to grade as many of these as possible during the long Thanksgiving break.

If you have questions about anything else, please post them as a comment below or email me.


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