Digital Media Project Post #6

“Online Activism to Real-World Activism: Social Media’s Role in the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and its Aftermath”

“Egyptians visit Washington to defend their ‘revolution'”

The first article I picked really shows how social media can be a great tool for change and a not so good tool for change. It goes into statistical evidence to show different numbers on social media interaction. It talks about the limits the social media aspects of the revolution had, and how they were dealt with. This article addresses the issue of anonymous activism and “perverting activism”. My second article I’ve chosen is basically an article that discusses meeting between Egyptians and U.S. authorities, that discuss the Egyptian Revolution and critique its methods and outcomes. The main thing I took from this article was the critique that Morsi’s rule ending may have not been the smarting move according to some U.S. authorities. These meeting both sides attend are basically Egypt defending what it has done and plotting for a successful future.

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