So while chaos rages through Iran, a country often threatened by war and terrorism, the country as a whole is treated differently when it comes to the typical laws we expect people of the Middle East to be subjugated to. On the one hand, we learn that Iran is one of the most harshly enforced Islamic countries, with rules regarding modesty and specific religious beliefs. However, Instagram -the popular social site based mostly on images- has been compiling a different story.

Rich Kids of Tehran

The Rich Kids of Tehran

“The Rich Kids of Tehran” that’s what the Instagram profile and hashtag has been dedicated to. The social media account’s purpose is to highlight the luxurious and adventurous lives of Iran’s young and wealthy youth. The controversy began when these young people began showing themselves participating in very opposite activities of what Islamic people are expected to partake in; this included women without head coverings and the consumption of alcohol. Rumors spread that these individuals were daughters and sons of the most powerful in Iranian government positions, hence their lack of fear of breaking the strict laws. Regardless of the groups popularity and international attention, Iranian government began to be insulted by the shameless sharing on social media, and the page has recently been censored. Still the page does remind us of the large gaps of wealth between Iranian citizens. A counter-account was created early this month to call attention to the impoverished in the country as well, titled Poor Kids of Tehran.

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