I think its safe to say many of us heard at least one of those success stories when a young man or woman is terrified of coming out to their parents, only to find out that their parents will still love them and support them anyway. Coming out as an LGBT person to your family must be really intimidating for some people, considering that the majority of nations in the world don’t even allow same-sex couples to marry. Some choose to enforce actual imprisonment. But in 2014,  what’s truly unbelievable is about eight nations justify punishing homosexual activity with death. (Click here to see which countries does which.)

But things are more tame here in America, many states allow full rights to marry and most offer anti-discrimination laws. Considering most of the filmed coming out stories are usually taken in Western nations, the family reacting to the news tends to be Christian or Nonreligious. But recently one story from the United Kingdom had the story from a different religion’s perspective: a daughter coming out to her Pakistani father, when she the already knew that her orientation was considered shameful in the majority of her Muslim family’s eyes.  Instead of joining the rest of the extended family and dumping his daughter Sabrina, he expressed his absolute support.  And went on to take a stand for his daughter by dropping those family members who refused to accept her lifestyle.
His logic:

 “It was a sudden shock. But are you going to ignore that fact of life and be tied to your belief and lose a relationship in the process? Or are you going to think beyond?”

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  1.    mpatel5 on December 3, 2014 5:35 pm      Reply

    This was something very refreshing to read! I have never heard of this and it makes me believe in human race again! Thanks!

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