Now I’m not talking about like the daily struggles of going to work in Great Britain as a Muslim man or woman. The huge problem for British Muslims is simple: they can’t even get hired in the first place.
According to British news sources, discrimination transpiring in the job force places Muslims as number one most likely to be rejected out of fourteen different ethnic categories. This is not a new concept either according to the Independent (a news site based in the United Kingdom); in Great Britain, prejudices often tend to occur against religious identity rather than skin color.
And unfortunately, it comes to no surprise that job discrimination still happens even in the modern world. With so many Europeans harboring a negative view of Islam due to the constant threats from radical groups, I would have guessed that British Muslims were the most discriminated against even before I saw these results.

Sending the Wrong Message

Fighting against Generalizations

The most updated percentage I could find of the Muslim population in Great Britain was from 2011, and states that they make up 4.8%, definitely a minority group. Then out of that small fraction the percentage between Muslims and Christians when it comes to getting the job is pretty dramatic.
When it comes to comparing Muslim women to Christian women, the staggering difference is that the Muslims are 65% less likely to be hired. When it comes to men the gap is even bigger, leaving a disparity between getting employed as high as 76%.
In an expert’s opinion the results were anything but unanticipated, Dr Nabil Khattab, of Bristol University, said the situation was “likely to stem from placing Muslims collectively at the lowest stratum within the country’s racial or ethno-cultural system due to growing Islamophobia and hostility against them.”
Referring to that same 2011 consensus, the Muslim population in Britain is only going to increase in years to come based on the fact that out of every ten babies born that year one of them would be born into a Muslim household. So in conclusion if all these statistics are accurate of the atmosphere in Great Britain for those who practice Islam, the controversy of Muslims Brits in the job force will continue to be monumental issue.
Hopefully sentiments between all involved will be able to improve though it definitely won’t be an easy task by any means.

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