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I think its safe to say many of us heard at least one of those success stories when a young man or woman is terrified of coming out to their parents, only to find out that their parents will still love them and support them anyway. Coming out as an LGBT person to your family must be […]

As the leader of the entire Catholic Church, Pope Francis has certainly made a name for himself. From auctioning off expensive gifts to give the profits to the poor to going on undercover missions during the night to preach to the homeless, Pope Francis continues to amaze us. My personal favorite story of the pope […]

Now I’m not talking about like the daily struggles of going to work in Great Britain as a Muslim man or woman. The huge problem for British Muslims is simple: they can’t even get hired in the first place. According to British news sources, discrimination transpiring in the job force places Muslims as number one […]

Remember those harsh comments Bill Maher made about Islam on his TV show? The ones claiming that Islam promotes violence? Yeah, well I never got to mention that Ben Affleck was also there and very aggravated that Maher summed up the religion as a whole. After being thoroughly annoyed by the show’s host, Affleck responded […]

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