This is based off a very terrible news story that just broke today. After the United States had begun wit its airstrike on Syria, many citizens in these areas feared for their lives. While innocent casualties are still very much a reality in these bombings, the U.S. believes it has earned legal justification by defending Iraq against the ongoing violence of the Syrian civil war. Unfortunately because of the damage it does against innocents, civilians took to the streets to protest against the jihadists who occupied a Syrian town. While the activists hoped to get the Islamic State out of their village because these terrorists are exactly who America is targeting, ISIS responded with violence (not surprisingly).

violence sucks :(

violence sucks 🙁

In order to make their point really heartless, the group publicly executed multiple young men who were in the crowd. Regardless of their threat to the Islamic State, the terrorists too the chance to crucify the youth to set an example. They claimed that he was guilty of “heresy and apostasy.” In total the airstrikes in this area cause the death of eight civilians (one man, five women, and two children) and eighteen jihadists, but the number of civilian deaths are rising day by day.

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