Role of Mexican’s Armed Forces

Role of Mexican’s Armed Forces

Mission – 4 National Defense (Defensa Nacional) Plans

  • Plan DN I – To fight against foreign enemies
  • Plan DN II – To protect the internal security of the country
  • Plan DN III – Defense against natural disasters
  • Plan DN IV – To organize and legitimize the army’s role in the antidrug campaign


“Reporter in the Middle of a Gun Fight” by Jacontre – Utube

A gunfight between the Federal police and mafia is being held outside a mall Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Soldiers eventually arrived to help the Federal police.


A majority of the country’s control of internal security was given to the federal and state police.

The military generally does not get involved with law enforcement responsibilities.

The military continues to provide the protection for the community against domestic terrorists such as drug traffickers and guerrilla forces.

Primary reason the military remained in the fight against drug traffickers was due to the problem of corruption in the police forces.

The armed forces of the Secretariat of National Defense and Secretariat of the Navy are both responsible for the antinarcotics campaign.



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