Canada’s Terrorists


Domestic Terrorist Groups- responsible for approximately 350 attacks to date

Sons of Freedom 1923-1980’s

Also known as the Freedomites this group was a splinter of Orthodox Doukhobors.  Since the Doukhorbors were pacifists this group formed to resist state authority.

Front De Libération Du Québec(FLQ) 1963-1970

An ever changing group of Canadian citizens devoted to the liberation of Quebec.  Responsible for several hundred terrorist attacks in Canada.  Including kidnapping and murdering an official by strangulation.

Direct Action 1982

A group of five Canadian citizens responsible for three attacks including a power plant, a weapons manufacturing plant, and firebombing a pornography video store chain.

The Animal Liberation Front and the Justice Department also committed act of terrorism in the name of animal rights.

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Foreign Terrorist Groups

Fenians 1850’s-1871

Irish Nationalist group in support of the liberation of Ireland from Britain.

Al Qaeda 1988-present

Use Canada as a North American staging area for terrorist activity.  Until recently Canada had very relaxed asylum laws which allowed foreigners to enter the country on known doctored passports claiming asylum.  Passport theft and fraud are huge businesses for groups like Al Qaeda in Canada.  Al Qaeda has also performed terrorist acts in Canada.

GIA 1992-present

The Groupe Islamique Arme is a terrorist organization from Algeria that views Canada as a strategic jumping off point.

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