Impact of United Nations Policies – Canada

Impact of United Nations Policies On Canada’s Peacekeeping Missions

Range of operations – peacekeeping, peacemaking, peacebuilding and development roles

Canada is a strong supporter of the UN’s policies and reform agenda.


  • Improvements need to be made to strengthen peace operations by reinforcing military and police capabilities.
  • Responding quickly to a crisis.
  • Teamwork among UN member states.

UN Peace Operations – Canada supported close to 50 UN missions to date



Impact of United Nations Policies On Canada’s Global Issue – Terrorism

Teamwork and support of the other member states allows Canada to combat terrorism which is made possible through the UN Charter and policies.

Strategies such as the Security Council’s Resolution 1373, Resolution 1624 and the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy adapted by the UN member states are a combined effort to prevent terrorism.

More negotiations are needed on combating international terrorism.


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