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Positive Advertisement Campaign Stop Bullying

April 21, 2013 by tsarain · 16 Comments · Uncategorized

[View the story “Positive Advertisement Campaigns Stop Bullying” on Storify] Positive Advertisement Campaigns Stop Bullying Often times advertisements are perceived in a negative light, but there are campaigns out there that spread positive and important messages. Storified by · Sun, Apr 21 2013 21:51:35 965thebuzz My search led me to the “Be More Than A […]

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How Spring Break Uses Social Media

March 22, 2013 by tsarain · 17 Comments · Uncategorized

Spring Break is over and I said I’d record the advertising campaigns that I saw during my camping trip on South Padre Island, but I actually didn’t see many! I did see a vehicles advertising beverages, but that’s not anything new. Usually brands advertise on the beach where all the spring breakers go to party, […]

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Facebook: Social Media King. Is it King for PR and Advertising too?

February 11, 2013 by tsarain · No Comments · Uncategorized

Ever since Facebook came on the scene, people have been talking about the next best thing in social networking and social media. This makes sense, because so many people from all over the world made the transfer from Myspace to Facebook because their friends and contacts were also migrating. After all, the main purpose of […]

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Studying the Super Bowl

February 4, 2013 by tsarain · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

As a student aspiring to work in advertising, learning must start somewhere and with something. For me, my learning is starting this Sunday evening on my couch with the Super Bowl. When I was younger, I remember gathering with family and friends for the Super Bowl, but since I wasn’t a football fan I’d only […]

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