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Facebook: Social Media King. Is it King for PR and Advertising too?

February 11, 2013 by tsarain · No Comments · Uncategorized

Ever since Facebook came on the scene, people have been talking about the next best thing in social networking and social media. This makes sense, because so many people from all over the world made the transfer from Myspace to Facebook because their friends and contacts were also migrating. After all, the main purpose of social networking is to stay connected. If your contacts are on a different social networking site, how can you stay in touch?

What it boils down to is that Facebook is “King” of social media. Many people all over the world use it. While there is the occasional individual who doesn’t have a profile, there are millions of people that do. This is what makes it easy to stay in touch on Facebook.

While I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon posts from The Wall¬†and Social Media Today, that talked about Facebook being “King”. It made me wonder if that meant that it was king of all social media. While it may seem true, ever since Facebook’s development, a variety of new and different social media outlets have risen. SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are some to name a few.

Newer additions to social media have their own contribution and uses for their users. This made me question: What is most needed in PR and advertising? If Facebook appears to be king, is it “King” for PR? Or how about for an advertisement campaign?

There is no question that social media will go away or no longer be of use, because our society has already experienced it. We will only continue to use many different forms of it to live in the new media age today. Personally, I find new media to be the different forms of communication that involve the internet and technology in order to connect, collaborate and create any kind of content may it be for personal use, education or business. So, the conclusion I’ve reached ¬†concerning the best social media to use for PR/Advertising is: It all depends. It depends on what you’re doing and what audience you want to reach.


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