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The Internet is Like A Huge Book of Information. Use Social Bookmarking to Find Your Way!

February 23, 2013 by tsarain · No Comments · Uncategorized

The internet is a sea of information. Due to the information that is added to the internet everyday, you can get lost and drown in it.

If the internet wasn’t a sea, and a book of information instead, you’d need a bookmark to sort things out for you and keep your place.

Thanks to the technology that brought us the internet, it has also brought us a useful tool to use along with it: SOCIAL BOOKMARKING!


Social Bookmarking started as a simple way to share links with others through using a social bookmarking site where you can get more accurate results for whatever it is you’re searching for. The traditional way of “bookmarking” is known as saving webpages onto web browsers used to access the internet.

While saving web pages on web browsers are useful, over time all the bookmarks you need to keep track of will be too many to save and difficult to organize on just a browser.

If you’re an individual that uses multiple browsers to access internet content, it’ll be even more difficult to keep track of all your bookmarks and saved webpages.

With social bookmarking, you can access all your saved webpages via internet wherever you are! The usefulness doesn’t stop there, because you can use tags to sort the webpages you save by organizing them in categories with the tags you choose. This is where the fun begins.

With tags, you can organize your information in a fun and easy way, but because this method of keeping track of organizing online information is labeled “social” you can share the webpages you bookmark with your friends. When you add friends onto the social bookmarking website that you use, you instantly have access to the webpages they’re saving and vice versa. When your friends jump on board and start saving webpages and links, a network starts to form!

Staying connected with friends by seeing what webpages they save and bookmark is a relevant new way to discover information in the chaos of information that is known as the internet.

How does one start bookmarking? Find a site you like and get started!

Here’s a list of bookmarking sites to discover:

There are many sites available out there, it’s up to an individual to find what they prefer.


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