Dress for the Occasion According to the Invitation

In the PR realm, and any professional environment for that matter, you are constantly invited to events where you can network and meet people. Everyone knows that you only have one chance to make a lasting first impression. A first impression involves taking into account what someone is wearing. Now one of the worst feelings when meeting new people, especially being in a professional setting, is arriving under dressed. Unfortunately, it seems to be a constant occurance where guests show up under dressed and therefore underwhelm.

Cocktail attire means a suit for men (throw on a tie with it if the look works for you). If it is a daytime event usually a navy suit would be best, and if it is 5 o’clock or later then definitely go with a gray or black suit. For women, a short dress that is not your typical ‘Sunday Dress’ is best. Not a gown and not too short either, because you need to still dress for a classy event so not something you would be seen wearing to a sketchy bar or club. The rule to remember that everyone seems to break is Do Not wear jeans under any circumstances. Ladies and gents, it does not matter if you are wearing a suit jacket with a shirt and tie, it is not okay to pair that with jeans (tacky), even if your blouse has beautiful lace detail it is not acceptable to pair that with the nicest jeans you own. No and No. The safest option is of course the classiest option, the little black dress. You can always dress this look up or down, and for cocktail attire just be sure to accessorize with elegant statement pieces either silver, gold, pearls, or crystals. Put a pair of cute and maybe even colorful shoes with it to really set the tone (preferably not flats).

Tips on how to get the details about what to wear, just ask. Ask anyone that is also planning on going to the event ‘do you know what you are wearing yet?’ Also, if it is an reoccurring event you could always either check-out their website for pictures that were taken the previous year or do a little Facebook creeping and see pics of past attendees and get the scoop that way. Just always remember it is better to be over dressed rather than under dressed.

“One is never over-dressed or under dressed with a little black dress”  Karl Lagerfeld


Personal Branding in PR: Which Fashion Brand are You?

We all constantly hear the term, ”personal brand” and how to create your own. Now some people are not too fond of this concept, while others have thrived off it and built their own self-proclaimed personal brand. After reading numerous articles about this particular topic, it seems to be a good idea to add a little spin to this and turn it into to something more creative and fun. In lieu of the Oscars, and watching the gorgeous dresses inundate the red carpet, this is a time where everyone is talking about the top designers. Choose which brand you are most drawn to and see what that might say about your personality as a PR professional.

Chanel: If you are drawn to Chanel as a company you then you most likely aspire to be seen as the Classy PR Professional. You value class, elegance and feel that professionalism is important in order to have a productive workplace. You feel that exuding confidence is always necessary and are never scared to take the reigns on a challenging project.  Your dominance is seen as a strength, but be careful because it can rub people the wrong way.

Vera Wang: Are you a Vera Wang type of girl? Or shall we say the Coy PR Professional? This might mean that you are bit shy,  at least compared to your fellow peers in the PR world. This does not mean that you do not have a lot to offer or a big personality,  just that you are not the one to offer it up and open up to anyone and everyone. In the workplace you are known for getting a lot done and typically staying out of the office drama. Your demure persona is your strength, just do not let others take advantage of this because some may see this as a weakness.

Alexander McQueen: You might consider yourself as a Daring PR Professional that is not afraid to push the envelope. Your personality speaks for itself and is something that you are not afraid to showcase. The excitement you have about various projects keeps everyone stimulated and having high energy keeps people on their toes. This type of personality is great for PR,  just be careful not to stand in your own way. Some people may see your boisterous personality as off putting  and your daring ways as weakness and perhaps immaturity. Be sure to still remember the importance of professionalism and continue to make bold choices.

Versace: If you are drawn to this fashion house you might be an Extravagant PR Professional.  Your spunky, and sometimes flirty personality can get you into some great networking opportunities and maybe even a few messes too. Those that love this brand are usually vivacious, young spirit that loves working on new projects and can sometimes spread yourself too thin. Your enthusiasm can get you started on a lot of great ideas, but be careful to not have so many that you are not accomplishing anything in the end.

These are all based on personal opinion and understanding. Do not let these constrain you as a professional, but instead broaden your scope. Any others you would like to add?

When it Comes to Interviews Less Really is More, Fashionably Speaking

Now everyone knows that interviews can be nerve-racking, even for the most experienced professionals. There are various sites and paid sessions dedicated to coaching people on how to have a successful interview. There are so many websites and companies focused solely on this subject, this illustrates how nervous and sometimes unprepared a lot of people feel before going into an interview. Recently, PR Daily  posted an article about how to speak body language during an interview. This article breaks it down and gets straight to the point discussing some of the big “No No’s” when it comes to interview etiquette. 

The brief section in the article that talked about ‘Fashionista Blister,’ is a subject  that is important to expand upon. The article made a good point about not wearing something too bold and busy, when it comes to an interview at least. Keeping it simple and wearing muted colors is always a safe route to go. Blacks, cremes, grays, navy, plum and all around neutrals are safe options. The one piece of advice most everyone has heard before is to ‘not wear red to an interview.’ This is not necessarily something that a PR Prima Donna tends to agree with. Now maybe wearing a bright firefighter red is not the best idea, but it is not the worst idea to throw a red accessory in the interview attire mix. When you wear nothing but neutrals you can quickly fall to the back of the pack or be easily forgotten. Yet, on that same note you do not want to be the interviewee remembered for their mustard color dress with a just as colorful blazer. On the other hand, you could be remembered as “Oh yeah, the woman with the unique ring really answered that question well.” May sound a little far fetched, but think about how you remember people you have just met. What was that girl’s name again? You know, the one who was wearing that beautiful emerald green necklace? Be memorable, but for the right reasons.

Always wear something that you feel comfortable in and is not just something you would just use for an interview. The next person walking in could be wearing the same exact thing, but they would never even know because you truly made it your own. What you wear really does reflect how others view you and can either better your chances of getting the job or work against you. The most important thing to keep in my, no matter how cliche it sounds, your personality really is your best accessory especially in an interview setting.

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” — Yves Saint-Laurent

PR Basics: The Little Black Dress

At the beginning of any Blog or Website it is important to set a foundation and explain to your audience why you are worth reading. Well I am here to address the necessary basics that every PR major needs, and I am not just talking about a little black dress. As fashionista’s we know that it is quintessential to have fashion’s basics in your closet. The same goes for the PR world, there are a few foundational steps you need to take to ensure a successful future.

The great thing about basics is that they are fundamental, straightforward and most importantly, simple. The first simple steps to truly being a PR Prima Donna is figuring out how exactly to learn more and where to go to become involved in this wondrous world. The perfect place to start is with what you already have. Using your current Social Media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter by following PR professionals and company’s you hope to work for is a an easy start. Hearing what they have to say is not only a great way to get involved, but also a great way to stay updated with new things taking place in the Public Relations realm. Now those are obviously the foundation, but let’s take it one step further. Anyone ever use the handy-dandy Google Reader? I learned about it recently and it makes it easy to keep up with various blogs you are interested in and also has a search tool that allows you to find blogs that match your interest. Also, everyone realizes how helpful LinkedIn is for presenting your online résumé, but remember it is also a great place to learn more about various PR Agencies. Especially, when searching for jobs, LinkedIn is an outlet that they will definitely post it on.

Once you become familiar with the PR professionals and different companies then not only do you gain knowledge but you can also use this as a platform to become involved in the conversation. Tweet at them and voice your opinion by becoming part of the discussion. Who knows, they might just answer back or offer up helpful advice. As a side note, specifically with Twitter, you will notice once you follow the top PR people and company’s it will lead you to more.

Now that you have the basics get started and put yourself out there! Throw on your little black dress and take these first steps as PR Prima Donnas!

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”
Coco Chanel

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