Personal Branding in PR: Which Fashion Brand are You?

We all constantly hear the term, ”personal brand” and how to create your own. Now some people are not too fond of this concept, while others have thrived off it and built their own self-proclaimed personal brand. After reading numerous articles about this particular topic, it seems to be a good idea to add a little spin to this and turn it into to something more creative and fun. In lieu of the Oscars, and watching the gorgeous dresses inundate the red carpet, this is a time where everyone is talking about the top designers. Choose which brand you are most drawn to and see what that might say about your personality as a PR professional.

Chanel: If you are drawn to Chanel as a company you then you most likely aspire to be seen as the Classy PR Professional. You value class, elegance and feel that professionalism is important in order to have a productive workplace. You feel that exuding confidence is always necessary and are never scared to take the reigns on a challenging project.  Your dominance is seen as a strength, but be careful because it can rub people the wrong way.

Vera Wang: Are you a Vera Wang type of girl? Or shall we say the Coy PR Professional? This might mean that you are bit shy,  at least compared to your fellow peers in the PR world. This does not mean that you do not have a lot to offer or a big personality,  just that you are not the one to offer it up and open up to anyone and everyone. In the workplace you are known for getting a lot done and typically staying out of the office drama. Your demure persona is your strength, just do not let others take advantage of this because some may see this as a weakness.

Alexander McQueen: You might consider yourself as a Daring PR Professional that is not afraid to push the envelope. Your personality speaks for itself and is something that you are not afraid to showcase. The excitement you have about various projects keeps everyone stimulated and having high energy keeps people on their toes. This type of personality is great for PR,  just be careful not to stand in your own way. Some people may see your boisterous personality as off putting  and your daring ways as weakness and perhaps immaturity. Be sure to still remember the importance of professionalism and continue to make bold choices.

Versace: If you are drawn to this fashion house you might be an Extravagant PR Professional.  Your spunky, and sometimes flirty personality can get you into some great networking opportunities and maybe even a few messes too. Those that love this brand are usually vivacious, young spirit that loves working on new projects and can sometimes spread yourself too thin. Your enthusiasm can get you started on a lot of great ideas, but be careful to not have so many that you are not accomplishing anything in the end.

These are all based on personal opinion and understanding. Do not let these constrain you as a professional, but instead broaden your scope. Any others you would like to add?

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