PR Basics: The Little Black Dress

At the beginning of any Blog or Website it is important to set a foundation and explain to your audience why you are worth reading. Well I am here to address the necessary basics that every PR major needs, and I am not just talking about a little black dress. As fashionista’s we know that it is quintessential to have fashion’s basics in your closet. The same goes for the PR world, there are a few foundational steps you need to take to ensure a successful future.

The great thing about basics is that they are fundamental, straightforward and most importantly, simple. The first simple steps to truly being a PR Prima Donna is figuring out how exactly to learn more and where to go to become involved in this wondrous world. The perfect place to start is with what you already have. Using your current Social Media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter by following PR professionals and company’s you hope to work for is a an easy start. Hearing what they have to say is not only a great way to get involved, but also a great way to stay updated with new things taking place in the Public Relations realm. Now those are obviously the foundation, but let’s take it one step further. Anyone ever use the handy-dandy Google Reader? I learned about it recently and it makes it easy to keep up with various blogs you are interested in and also has a search tool that allows you to find blogs that match your interest. Also, everyone realizes how helpful LinkedIn is for presenting your online résumé, but remember it is also a great place to learn more about various PR Agencies. Especially, when searching for jobs, LinkedIn is an outlet that they will definitely post it on.

Once you become familiar with the PR professionals and different companies then not only do you gain knowledge but you can also use this as a platform to become involved in the conversation. Tweet at them and voice your opinion by becoming part of the discussion. Who knows, they might just answer back or offer up helpful advice. As a side note, specifically with Twitter, you will notice once you follow the top PR people and company’s it will lead you to more.

Now that you have the basics get started and put yourself out there! Throw on your little black dress and take these first steps as PR Prima Donnas!

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.”
Coco Chanel

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