oum cartoonThis week in Diigo, I posted a cartoon from Oum Cartoon and a twitter blog from Jonathan Guyer. The cartoon from Oum Cartoon is a depiction of the beheadings that have been occurring around the middle east. The original cartoon was posted in Al-Masry Al-Youm by Abdallah. Al-Masry Al-Youm is a prominent newspaper in Egypt that I mentioned in last weeks post. In a casual manner, the cartoon addresses the executions from ISIS and suggests that they occur daily. In the blog, the author questions whether it is appropriate to address such a subject in a casual form and with a irreverence towards the people. Also, is this the best way of countering this extremist group? The author continues to question if even a Western country would even publish such an image. However, does this truly depict how Egyptians feel towards this group? The effectiveness of this image is most likely minimum in countering the extremist group, but it also seems to be disrespectful towards the people that have lost family members and friends. The image above is entitled “ISIS Barber” saying, “Pardon me, chief… has my head rolled through here?” . This cartoon seems to revolt against this idea of radicalism and realism by trying to using military force and trying to eradicate people who are against their ideas. This extreme ideology, based on the cartoon, appears to be how the people in Egypt are dealing with the killings. Although the cartoon is in incorporates casual mannerism, the people seem to be passive towards about and not unexpected. I find it interesting that that this cartoon takes such a passive demeanor in response to this radical group. I did not think that people would take a casual manor of expressing these violent assaults on their society. This provides a more awareness to me about their culture.   In my second post from Diigo, I posted a twitter blog from Jonathan Guyer who is a Cairo-based scholar studying satirical cartoons in Egypt. In in his tweets, he posts numerous links to political cartoonists, interviews, and other news related articles in the middle east, specifically in Egypt. Based from he tweets and articles, he seems to have a mix of a political liberalist and cosmopolitan perspective on the events and issues that are happing in Egypt. This can be inferred by how he suggests bringing multiple perspectives on every issue and talking about the importance of diversity. I have already obtained several good sources of satirical cartoons and other article about political art in Egypt. Hopefully, by following him, I can obtain more articles about the art in Egypt. It’s intriguing to think social media has such a profound way of providing people all over world with global issues how it is used as an outlet for news. Another interesting thing I found reading someone’s twitter blog was how their tweets give an idea of how the person has a certain perspective on global issues.

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