week 7 pictureAn article entitled Israel cartoon highlights troubled ties with US in AP addresses the impact of an Israeli cartoon had on the public in America. The cartoon was of an Israeli plane flying towards a U.S. tower. The cartoon was trying to illustrate the troubled relationship Israel has with the United States. However, this image has hindered the relationship between the two countries even more. The article implies a bilateral approach to how the countries should respond to each others. This approach would allow for both countries to come to agreement, leaving out other potential governments from inflicting on their decisions. This idea of bilateralism as a way to solve political issues enlightens me on how this new approach can be applied to what was spoken about in class.  

The image above is from an Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram. The image showcases how both Americans and Egyptians have a destain for Obama’s leadership. Both show a political liberalists approach to how there needs to be more diplomacy from both sides. Based on the comic, this rocky slope of a foundation for Obama’s decisions is not the best expressions of ideas from the people. This comic seems to evoke the need for there to be a more multilateral approach in future decisions from the U.S. In analyzing this image based on the artists description, it was interesting to see how the artists ideas about the situation were going into this cartoon. I broadens my understanding of how multilateralism can be incorporated into an image and how different people perceive this idea.

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