Slide1A political cartoon, shown above, that came out on November 11th in Al-Masry Al-Youm showcases the debate between Al-Sisi’s policies. Embedded in the cartoon underlies important questions on media independence and how independent should it be. This have been a debate amongst editors for several weeks now. However, interestingly, cartoonists draw editors’ faces rather than Al-Sisi himself. Most of the cartoons evolved around Al-Sisi’s policies illustrate someone’s else’s perspective rather than the president’s, in this case the media’s perspective. This represents a more unilateral approach, in that the cartoon only represents one side of the debate. It does not include other perspectives such as a liberalist standpoint would. By making the cartoon in a more unilateral perspective, the cartoon showcases this debate amongst the media and Al-Sisi’s policies. I find it interesting how the cartoonists uses a more unilateral approach as opposed to a different perspective. To me, this cartoon showcases how cartoons can show a one-sided standpoint and still be effective in trying to get the message across. I would have thought bringing in more perspectives would better represent this debate, but I know see that this form of unilateralism really incorporates the debate amongst editors about political freedoms. week 9 picture 2The second image above is a cartoon from Ahram by Anis Al-Deeb and is entitled, ” Room of the Private Newspaper Industry”. This cartoon by Al-Deeb shows a different perspective than the cartoon I first mentioned and represents how private newspapers are being bought by the government to restrict their what they publish such as cartoons and articles that go against the state. This cartoon depicts a radical viewpoint of how the government is changing social structures by limiting political freedoms. It is interesting to me to see how these two cartoons differ in perspectives, but showcase a similar idea. It really shows how different perspective can blend together and convey issues that are happening in a country that the people feel are of importance.


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