Humanity in Crisis

Both of the artifacts that I found talked about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The first article( found here)  This article shows the alarming amount of people that have displaced by the Syrian regime and surround forces fighting for control. Many of these refugees are children. My second article (found here)  from the newspaper online site the guardian talks about the struggles related to the humanitarian crisis.This article states the problems of humanitarian aide. Assads regime has slowed the process. Also the fact that so many people are displaced makes it difficult for NGO’s to reach the people that need help. These perspectives offer insight into whats going on in Syria. You may read the first article and ask why is nobody doing anything. Yet the truth is that people have been doing something, but it is difficult. The second artifact states that many arab countries have contributed to relief but it has not been enough. An estimate of the necessary aid just by the UN is estimated at 1billion dollars. The UN is very thinly stretched and can not meet the demands.

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