Embedded image permalinkThis first artifact is a Kurdish fighter painting YPG on a brick wall with his own blood. In English it stands for the peoples protection units. Attached was a message that said “patriots blood is the seed of Freedoms tree.”  The second artifact really caught my eye (found here). This second artifact talks about YPJ, which is the womens protection unit. Composed of all women, these soldiers report ISIS being scared of them. It is said that if ISIS dies at a womens hand, they will not go to heaven, therefore they run away. For a caliphate that is trying to stretch further, the YPJ may be a decisive blow. Maybe they should be more inclusive and they would have economic prosperity.


Kurds and the Syrian regime

The first artifact was this coming shown above. This is propaganda from the kurdish government. This depicts a Kurdish fighter entering the ring in Syria. It shows an ISIS fighter badly beat up, as well as a Syrian government fighter being helped out of the ring by China. My second artifact is an article from the washington post (found here). This article explains the negative feelings that the Syrian regime to Turkey allowing Iraqi kurds to enter Syria. It also shows a “failed state.” in Syria. Syria no longer has control of its government and now has several humanitarian crisis. International intervention by the U.S. and Turkey is seen as justifiable on this behalf if we are political liberals.


Kurdish Forces in Iraq Syria

My first artifact is this article from Al Jazeera (Found here) illustrates that the government is worthy opponent to ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The Kurdish Regional Government has established provinces that are autonomous. They also have one of the few forces that ISIS can not push around. The people in Kurdistan have there own economy, even if it’s struggling like most the middle east. The second artifact (Found here) shows that Kurdish forces from Iraq entered Syria to fight ISIS. Kurdish forces are also very accepting of both genders. This has helped create more of an acceptance, and has shown popularity. This shows that equality in genders have stimulated the Kurdish government.

Assad and ISIS

My first post was the image on top. This image shows the different chemical weapons facilities as well as missile facilities in Syria. The image shows a great majority of the Syrians governments bases and chemical warfare facilities on it’s western side along the mediterranean sea. The second artifact that is include (Found here) talks about the problems with ISIS revolving around the Assad government. Some of the military bases and chemical weapon sites are near the territory controlled by ISIS. Yet much of these bases are still controlled by the Syrian government, perhaps reassuring that their is a mutual partnership as said by the article in Al Jazeera. I think that in  the book of Concepts in Globalization we talked about the fact that we should force Democracy on people. In this case we are beginning to value stability in the region over democratization in Syria.


Is Assad still the main man?

fakeassad The first of my posts is this picture from twitter that shows Bashar Al-Assad  praying for the lost lives in Syria. The picture on twitter is captioned “Fake.” My second artifact (found here) explains the humanitarian crisis caused by some rebel forces. These rebel forces shoot homemade artillery into civilian heavy areas in hope that they get some government officials. While the first article seems to have all the ironic intentions. The second article shows that the lives are not completely on Assad. The rebel forces have also been causing extensive casualties. 

Humanity in Crisis

Both of the artifacts that I found talked about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The first article( found here)  This article shows the alarming amount of people that have displaced by the Syrian regime and surround forces fighting for control. Many of these refugees are children. My second article (found here)  from the newspaper online site the guardian talks about the struggles related to the humanitarian crisis.This article states the problems of humanitarian aide. Assads regime has slowed the process. Also the fact that so many people are displaced makes it difficult for NGO’s to reach the people that need help. These perspectives offer insight into whats going on in Syria. You may read the first article and ask why is nobody doing anything. Yet the truth is that people have been doing something, but it is difficult. The second artifact states that many arab countries have contributed to relief but it has not been enough. An estimate of the necessary aid just by the UN is estimated at 1billion dollars. The UN is very thinly stretched and can not meet the demands.

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