Kurdish History


The first artifact (found here) is the history of the Kurdish fighters and different historical events that happened. The second artifact is a picture posted on twitter that is a photo of Kurdish people that were attacked by Saddam Husseins chemical bombs. Saddam was trying to unify Iraq under one rule, which the western states still want to do. Yet the Kurdish people wanted autonomy, they have established basic human rights, but feel that they deserve an independent state because of their vast differences in culture. 






Kurds and Their Allies

The first artifact (Found here) is a CNN article that states the Assads regime to appease the Kurdish groups by offering them citizenship. Something the previous regime took away from them. The second artifact (found here) demonstrates that while Turkey may have been a previous enemy of the Kurds in Syria, they must now create an alliance. Turkey and the Kurdish people want to oust Assad. Turkey sees the Kurdish group in Turkey as a terrorist organization, and they are closely aligned with the group in Syria. In concepts of globalization, the book talks about if terrorism is a big threat. In this group in particular, I think both groups have set upon a goal that is a higher in terms of national security and must work together.

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