The Kurdish Puppets

The first article (Found here) describes the past relationship of Ankara, the Assad regime, and the Kurdish forces in Turkey and Syria. After initially being opposed by Bashar Al-Assads father, Bashar took more of a cooperative approach with the kurdish forces in Syria. This led to growing tensions with Turkey that threatened war. My second article (Found here)  talks about how the Kurdish people still remember the way the Syrian security forces assaulted them during protest in 2004 and therefore are unsure of whether to trust Assad. This just makes me see the political nature of Assad. It shows that he is a political realist. He sides with the Kurdish forces and appeases them to try to gain there support, but also tries to destroy them if they get too out of control.

One thought on “The Kurdish Puppets

  1. I’m glad that Capstone and this project we’re able to support each other without overlapping.

    I just saw that news today about the UN running out of money to feed Syrian refugees in Lebanon (which has a lot of them.)

    Good overview of the Kurdish people and their history.

    What do you think? Are the Kurds being used as puppets? Would a state of their own make a difference?

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