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The first article goes into depth of a certain group called the “Freedom Painters”. These “Freedom Painters” are the ones who are responsible for creating the different express of graffiti art in Egypt and Tunisa. Many of their painting include political figures, their view on the revolution, and a push for people to go vote in order for their voices to be heard. A really unique idea that I read from this article, is that the author of this article describes the painter to be your typical average joe. He states “while many might see graffiti as vandalism, a criminal act carried out by hoodie wearing hooligans, for the Freedom Painters it’s quite the opposite. Onlookers say that the group, and others like them, are artistic activists.” Leading to the second article, these activist called their canvas, “Freedom Walls”. The author of articles notes that the murals are “mystical, angry, hopeful, and irreverent.”

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