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For this blog post, I decided to focus on one most popular street artist, Ganzeer. Ganzeer, at the age of 32, begins his artwork much before the revolution. He is known for using stencils, paints, and other spray paint in his media. In his artwork, the main focus is usually around political leaders, the government reign, and around the revolution. Because he would “attack” political leaders, his identity and a photograph of his was displayed in the public. The city was told that if he were to be seen painting murals, then he was to be arrested. In a Monitor interview, he states “People forget that the streets belong to the people. They think that they’re some kind of official government-controlled entity. I think it’s important to remind people that they’re not.”

I find it interesting that Ganzeer doesn’t consider himself a street artist but more of an actual artist. To clarify, his painting are more than just graffiti.

Below is one of his most famous paintings.

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