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In my first article, the author introduce one of the most popular street artist, Ganzeer. Ganzeer is egyptian artist who during the revolution, would paint multiple murals that related to the revolution. In an interview with Ganzeer, he mentions the reasons behind his art work. “The power of graffiti art as a means of creating an intervention in public space, capturing a part of the city to signify public ownership.” Ganzeer also notes that “Graffiti art does not ask permission but freely claims spaces on the walls of the city. The explosion of graffiti art in the city can also be understood as part of a general feeling unleashed during the protests against Mubarak. It represents ownership over the political future as well as over the places of the city.” I really like this article because it gets the perceptive of the actual artist and what it means to him to express himself. Since the art was extremely popular, in 2013 a book was published with about 30 different artist including Ganzeer.


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