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For my digital project, I decided to focus my theme on the graffiti art in egypt. After watching The Square in class, I was really fascinated with art that the egyptians presented on their walls. It was a statement of a new peaceful and rebellious protest against the political reign. The first article that I stumbled up gives a brief introduction how graffiti has a certain stigma in different parts of the world but in Egypt its a political stance. The author notes that this “vandalism” has different prospective. The egyptian government views as a nuisance where as the citizens of egypt view it as a person dairy/reflection on the revolution. The second article captures images of the actual art and presents how different people view it. For example, in the beginning, there is a couple happily taking a picture of the graffiti. On the other hand, there is a photograph of how the government would paint the walls white. Despite the government painting them, the artist would go back to wall and create another design.


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