TLTR Meeting: AI & Academic Integrity, Wednesday, May 10, 2 – 3 pm

This will be the final TLTR meeting of the year where we will discuss the impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), aka ChatGPT, on teaching and learning.  We will meet on Zoom.  We will also invite members of the Academic Integrity Committee.  Please invite anyone else you think would want to be part of this conversation.  Our topics will include:

  • Recommendations for Course Policy Models
  • Model Assignments
  • Advice for further work (research, guidance for the university community, etc.) in this area

Notes from this meeting are available in this Google Doc: TLTR Meeting: AI & Academic Integrity, 5/10/23

Note are only open to members of the St. Edward’s community; you must be logged into your St. Edward’s Google Account.