TLTR Agenda, Tuesday, March 20, 2 PM, Holy Cross Hall 105

  1. TLTR Pilot Pre-Proposals due Tuesday, March 20:
  2. Building Capacity for Online Learning
    1. Course Design Review Standards: (see also linked PDF of full standards, and links at the bottom of the page to other sections)
    2. Online Course Template
  3. ATX Hack 4 Change Seeking Faculty Involvement
  4. Faculty members needed to test new instructor station configurations
  5. Discussion: 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning (  What are the key issues at St. Edward’s University?

Call for Pilot Projects to Support Learning Spaces & Digital Scholarship; Pre-proposals due 3/20; Final due 4/6

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) invites proposals for the Technology for Innovative Learning & Teaching Pilot Project Grants (TLTR Pilot Project Grants) for projects in 2018-2019. The TLTR will be awarding grants worth up to $5,000 to fund innovative teaching projects that incorporate new technologies and can be used as a model for other faculty. The TLTR especially encourages projects of the following types:

  • Projects that experiment with innovations in learning spaces
  • Projects that create a research-rich curriculum, by engaging students in authentic research enabled by digital tools and methods or leading to digital publication.

Pre-proposals: Due March 20, 2018.

Instructional Technology staff will review pre-proposals to make sure the proposed pilot is feasible or necessary. Instructional Technology may recommend alternate technologies, confirm that the university already possesses proposed technologies, and give advice on the project budget.

Final proposals: Due April 6, 2018.

No final proposals will be reviewed if a pre-proposal was not received and reviewed in advance.

More details, the Grant Proposal Guidelines, and electronic submission are available on the TLTR website at

TLTR Agenda, Tuesday, February 27, 2 PM, Holy Cross Hall 105

  1. Password Policy (Bill Carroll)
  2. Workplace to Replace Horizon Newsletter, Launches March 8 (Mischelle Diaz & Nicole Hill)
    As part of the Strategic Plan’s emphasis on institutional transformation, the university will soon implement Workplace by Facebook in an effort to enhance employee communication and replace the traditional Horizon newsletter.  To find out more about Workplace, view this short video:
  3. TLTR Pilots
    1. Revised Timeline for CFP (pre-proposals 3/20, final 4/6, review week of 4/9, announce 4/23/18)
      1. Guidelines: 
    2. Proposed TLTR Pilot Showcase Events, Spring 2018
      1. Past Pilots:
  4. Faculty Hub, Holy Cross Hall, 1st floor
  5. Learning Spaces Update (Laura Lucas)
    1. Wireless projection pilots in Holy Cross Hall
    2. Trustee Hall Lab Renovation
  6. Proposed Faculty Survey on academic innovations and educational technologies
    1. Feedback needed on proposed timeline
      1. Share survey draft for feedback: March 5 – 9
      2. Run survey March 21 – 28 (between Spring Break and Easter)
  7. Volunteers to help to revise survey design?

Spring 2018 TLTR Meeting Schedule

Please save these dates for our Spring 2018 TLTR meetings.  All meetings will take place in the event space in our new faculty hub: Holy Cross Hall Room 105.

  • Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 2:00 – 3:15 pm
  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 2:00 – 3:15 pm
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 2:00 – 3:15 pm
  • Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 2:00 – 3:15 pm


TLTR Agenda, Thursday, 12/07/17, 2 pm, Maloney Room

Please note the new location–we have been moved to the Maloney Room on the 3rd floor of the Main Building (Room 320) due to a scheduling conflict.

  1. New grade entry in Banner:
  2. Response or comments on the revised acceptable use policy:
  3. FRC retires; New Home for Instructional Technology in Holy Cross Hall 
  4. Reports from subcommittees 
    1. Productivity, Operations, Workflow (POW)
  5. Discussion of TLTR Pilots
    1. Running pilots vs. open call 
    2. Timeline for Call
    3. Guidelines:
  6. Discussion: Planning faculty survey for Spring 2018
    1. Survey Questions from 2013:
    2. Preview of survey used in 2013:

TLTR Agenda, Thursday, 11/16/17, 2 pm, Fleck 314

  1. ePortfolios:
    1. Members report out on informal polling from schools
    2. Pilots?
  2. TLTR Pilot subcommittee
  3. Report from Productivity, workflow, and other operational issues subcommittee
  4. Learning Spaces:
    1. Members report out on informal polling from schools
    2. Pilots?
  5. Faculty survey on teaching, learning, and technology?
    1. Review questions from Fall 2013 faculty survey sponsored by the Task Force for Academic Innovation and New Educational Approaches:

TLTR Agenda, Thursday, October 19, 2 pm, Fleck 314

  1. Welcome New Members
    • Dean: Glenda Ballard
    • Senate Rep: Steven Fletcher
    • Connie Porter, MSB
  1. Cybersecurity: Crash Plan & Targeted Phishing attacks (Brenda Adrian)
  1. Gsuite strategy and roadmap (Rebecca Davis)
  1. TLTR Work for this Academic Year: Strategies, Next Steps, and Organizing Ourselves (Discussion)
    • Future Technologies
      • TLTR Pilot subcommittee needed
    • Learning Spaces
    • Productivity, workflow, and other operational issues
    • Technology for new programs/initiatives
      • includes online learning
      • ePortfolios
    • Global learning ecosystem
    • other topics?

Update to TLTR on University Password Strategy

Angela Svoboda, AVP for Digital Effectiveness has submitted the following update to the TLTR about the university’s password strategy which is currently under consideration:

  1. We contracted with Secure Works to assess multiple aspects of technical security, including password management.  We have not received their final report yet but should receive it by the end of May.
  2. We have reviewed best practices in the password arena and await the results of the above assessment.
  3. When users switch to Gmail, they will need to change their passwords *if* they use a mail client but not if they use the web interface.  The email/calendaring project has much more detail about the implementation.
  4. For now, we have no further changes in password practice(s).