Here comes Twitter!

The next sequence of blog posts will focus around Twitter and how to effectively use its features.

My client requested information surrounding Twitter (how to: use it, engage their target audience.)

As I have worked on my personal learning network, I have come across some substantial information regarding Twitter. One specific marketing and social media specialist that I enjoy following is @MorrisonSMedia also known as Kim Morrison! Her tweets are very short, concise, to the point, and helpful. Such as these:

Kim Morrison


In my client’s specific case, I have drawn upon tips such as the ones listed above and below.

Kim Morrison Two


I have recently brought up the idea to my client of publishing their Twitter handle on all of their print and media material. Material such as their website, Facebook, school handouts/pamphlets, email signatures, etc. Hopefully it is something that they consider as I find it being one of the easiest and simple ways to spread your name to your target audience without much effort!

Kim Morrison mentions sharing valuable resources with your target audience, and my client specifically wants to post up scholarship/internship resources. Such tweets can become long and at times overlooked. I’ve drawn upon Morrison’s other tips on “spacing out your tweets, replies, and retweets. In my opinion, in order for my client to have an effective twitter account that actively engages their audience, they should follow this tip. Focusing specifically on only posting information on scholarship/internships will eventually cause their audience to become uninterested in their content. However, if they actively hold a conversation with their audience, maybe even holding a Q&A once a week regarding college info, advice from alumnae, we can create an engaging environment!

Also, hashtags can be your best friend or worst enemy when it comes to embedding them in your tweets! Overusing hashtags such as this…



…can be a bit overwhelming and obnoxious to those who view your posts! Jon Loomer provides some helpful information regarding hashtags on his website, a must read!

In a conversation with my client, the use of hashtags was brought up and from what I understood, it seemed like they would only hashtag their name. We can take this a step forward and increase a response by relating to certain trending events of the day that can be applicable to their audience. Some that we discussed were #flashbackfriday, #throwbackthursday, and many more. However, I have thought about letting them create their own trendy, catchy, and clever hashtags that they can assign to specific days of the week that will create engagement on their social media networks!

There are many many MANY ways one can use Twitter, and as I learn with the coming days, I will post more information!

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