Last week I analyzed some advice from Ian David Chapman and how it applies to my client, the Foundation for the Education of Young Women!

This week we will continue to talk about how my client can continue to further develop their use of Facebook through some of the advice that Chapman provides on his blog.

As mentioned before my client tries to recruit all High School seniors who will be alumnae the following year from their chain of sister schools in order to welcome them to the growing network of alumnae on Facebook.

One of my favorite steps is #6) “Turn Your Group Launch Into An Event” which I analyzed last week. A step that works perfectly with this step #9) “Advertise Your Group”!  Chapman states that at the event you hold for your Facebook Group, you should have “some posters and give out flyers.”

My client can definitely take this step in many directions. One of them includes doing exactly what Chapman states-have posters and give out flyers! At the events that my client holds for their seniors, they should definitely include the Facebook icon on their banners, pamphlets, gifts, etc. It’ll not only spike the curiosity of their target audience but it will also prove to be an effective technique to start spreading the word of their group without much work!

Besides these events, my client has many sister schools in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, Fort Worth, and Houston, Texas! At these schools, the staff and administrators can work with my client and post visuals around the school that show the Facebook Group Icon and link. My client also strives to create an effective use of LinkedIn and Twitter for their alumnae, so they can also include those icons in media used around the schools.

Another step that Chapman mentions that I believe works well with my client is step #7) “Include an Irresistible Offer” which he states as “offering an incentive for people to join.”

My client has discussed of possibly doing such a thing but did not really know where to go with this idea. I believe that this will create a much greater turn out on the Facebook Group-more visits, clicks, likes! Having a contest where something can be given to the most active group member, or the alumnae that provides the most helpful scholarship link or advice can bring a lot of activity and participation to the page!

Chapman’s advice regarding Facebook is very helpful and effective as I keep working on this project. Next week, I will begin to analyze other areas of social media that my client has requested help in!

Twitter…here we come!

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