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This week I stumbled upon a blog that was founded on an amazing purpose!

Women In PR is “a vital resource for public relations professionals. Women IN PR empowers women to reach their full potential by promoting their professional growth and inspiring them to share their successes in the rapidly changing world of public relations.”

I know in my previous blog post I promised to talk about Twitter and how to effectively use its features. However, that cannot be the case this week! I would like to take the opportunity to elaborate on how valuable I think Women In PR is and its similarity with my client, the Foundation for the Education of Young Women!

I think it is very powerful to have a network of women who can allow each other to grow in their profession. This is similar to what my client is doing with their alumnae network. With various sister schools scattered all around Texas, the foundation likes to encourage and nurture a connection among the alumnae after their graduation. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, alumnae post about their accomplishments such as graduating from college, a new job/internship, and other goals. They also support each other by posting content such as scholarships and opportunities that they have come across.

It is enriching to have a community that does such a thing because it inspires, motivates, and provides a constant support system for someone who is growing as they face the real world. Women In PR definitely reminded me of the foundation and its building blocks of encouraging young women to be leaders in their communities and to pursue a higher education.

Women in PR takes it a step further and has a network of women in the public relations field.

As a college student exploring the public relations and advertising track here at St. Edward’s University, I think it is very important to start looking for such networks that will help me advance in my career!

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I read up on “Three Things PR Pros Should Do To Get The Most Out of Social Media” as published by Women In PR. They focused on three ways to take advantage of social media:

  1. “The art of maintaining relevancy is easy if content stays timely.”
  2. Building connections with journalists, “who are vital to a PR campaign’s success,” on Twitter by retweeting their status updates or stories.
  3. “Monitoring popular social media outlets to see what is trending, gaining popularity, and sparking conversations on the internet.”

As of this moment, I believe I am on the right track based off of these tips provided by Women In PR.

For those interested, Women In PR is having a Summit in Illinois. Definitely worth checking out!


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