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A Salty Story of Water Production in Southwestern US

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I have spent the past month working for a client of WaterPR, called the Texas Desalination Association. They are responsible for advocating for desalination and brackish water development in the state of Texas. This involves pushing for new legislation to allow for a more streamlined process for building desalination plants and encouraging municipalities and electrical… Continue reading

My First Assignment: Socioeconomic Assessment

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Greetings from the Pacific Islands or should I say Kaselehlie, Ran an nim, Lwen wo, Mogethin, Iakwe, Alii, Tirow, or Hafa adai! My main role as the Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Area Community Socioeconomic Monitoring Regional Coordinator and Mentor (PIMPAC SEM Regional Coordinator/Mentor) is to provide an on-going coordination and communication with jurisdictional teams and assist… Continue reading

Texan by Nature

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Greetings all!  I’ve really enjoyed reading the blog posts and learning about the neat projects folks are working on!  My internship is here in Austin with Texan by Nature and it’s focused on program management with the hope of increasing impact investments for major conservation projects happening throughout Texas.  Much of my work is centered… Continue reading

Chambers of Commerce

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Greetings! This being my first blog on researching U.S. Chambers of Commerce, I hope to follow up with more information and cumulative data regarding my findings along the way. My research is identifying technology trends utilized within the Chambers Of Commerce offices across the U.S. In particular, I’m interested in the marketing and communication efforts… Continue reading

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Peccaries

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Date: June 8, 2017 Source: Michel, N. L., Sherry, T. W., & Carson, W. P. (2013). The omnivorous collared peccary negates an insectivore-generated trophic cascade in Costa Rican wet tropical forest understory. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 30(01), 1-11. Summary: Leaf-litter disturbance by omnivorous peccaries can reverse trophic cascades. In tropical forest, insectivores, such as birds… Continue reading