Mapping It Out

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Six weeks ago, I began my journey working with one of the industry’s leading environmental and safety consulting firms for private sector clients.  The idea for my project came early on in my training when trying to organize the different regulations from all of the different states we provide services to. With clients in over… Continue reading

A Salty Story of Water Production in Southwestern US

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I have spent the past month working for a client of WaterPR, called the Texas Desalination Association. They are responsible for advocating for desalination and brackish water development in the state of Texas. This involves pushing for new legislation to allow for a more streamlined process for building desalination plants and encouraging municipalities and electrical… Continue reading

Sustainability Education in the United States

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Every year, the National Wildlife Federation employs graduate interns to research topics for their upcoming educational and outreach projects. This school year, I was lucky enough to land one of these internships to help the NWF research the state of sustainability education in the U.S.! The NWF is very involved in education around the country,… Continue reading