Environmental Studies Resources


  • Includes information on all sub disciplines of agriculture 
  • contains abstracts and indexed citations to journal articles, books, reports, conference proceedings, and other online content. 
  • You can search using Boolean operators, date published, geographic location etc.
  • You can also limit results to articles that are peer reviewed, articles with linked full text options, and articles that have the abstract available.

Environmental Studies In Context

  • Can browse topics such as pollution, poaching, rain forest, population biology etc. (in the “browse issues” section) 
  • In the “browse issues” section, you can also browse for articles by geographic location (i.e., Alaska) 
  • In the advanced search, you can search using Boolean operators (such as and, or, not), document type (i.e., abstract, article, appendix) 
  • Can limit search by content type (i.e., website, academic journal article etc.), publication date, peer review status 

Green File 

  • Offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment.
  • Collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles 
  • Includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.
  • The database cites sources for you in a variety of different formats including MLA, APA, etc.
    • To generate an automatic citation, click on an article and select “cite” on the right hand side of the screen