Criminal Justice Resources

Criminal Justice OneFile

  • Comprehensive periodical content for researchers studying law, law enforcement, forensic science, terrorism, and more.
  • If you sign in with your St. Edwards email address, you will be able to see search history, which could be helpful if you are doing research projects. 
  • Search tools include topic finder, Subject Guide Search, and publication search
    • In the Topic Finder, you can input keywords and the database will generate a wheel of topics relating to those keywords. 
    • In the subject guide search you can search by subject as well as narrow your search to publication date, peer reviewed journals, and full text articles. 
    • In the publication search section you can search for specific publications as well as narrow your search by date, peer reviewed journals, type of publication, etc. 

Hein Online

  • Database of legal resources, including laws, regulations, some trials and court reports
  • Coverage includes private and public international law, intellectual property and legal history
  • You can browse databases by category (i.e., Case Law, U.S. Federal Court, Special Collections, etc.) 
  • You can also browse databases by name
    • If you click on the i on the left side of the database name, you will be able to see brief descriptions of the database. 
  • If you click  “advanced search” you can narrow down your search using Boolean Operators, Date, or Citation.  

Legal Information +

  • Information on all areas of legal information, including full text articles from law journals, legal reference books, and legal forms.
  • You can log in with your St. Edward’s Gmail if you want to be able to save articles to the database itself. 
  • You can search by keywords or you can click search options below the basic search bar for more options 
  • For more information on how to search the database, click the question mark on the right hand side of the search bar 

Texas Legal Forms

  • Provides a wide selection of legal forms specific to Texas across the most popular legal areas. Includes real estate contracts, wills, premarital agreements, bankruptcy, divorce, landlord tenant and many others.
  • If you scroll down on the homepage you can browse forms by topic (topics include Minors, Appeals, Civil Procedure, etc). 
  • On the top left hand corner of the webpage, you can also look at Legal Definitions, Tax Forms, Attorney Directory, etc.