Walking in Sevilla

Since classes have started, I have had to walk around Sevilla by myself for the first time. Actually, the whole time we´ve been in Spain, I´ve always had someone to walk with. However, now that Marissa and I have different class schedules, I make the walk to class by myself.  This have given me time to observe the traffic patterns of walkers in Sevilla.

Sevillanos aren´t shy about walking on the bikelane, in the middle of the street or on the metro tracks, but they have some sort of sixth sense about when a bike, bus or car is coming and seemlessly move out of the way. I don´t have that power yet, so I try to stay out of the bike lane whenever possible.

We live right in the middle of downtown, so I cross many tourists during the commute to school.  It´s not hard to pick them apart from the locals – not just in their style of dress, but in their mannerisms and the way they walk.

For the most part, jaywalking in Sevilla is a specific art.  I´m not sure if this is a Spain thing, a Sevilla thing or just a general major city thing, but for whatever reason, jaywalkers in Sevilla jaywalk on the cross walk. In Austin and in San Antonio, Jaywalkers cross the street parallel to the crosswalk, but just in the middle of the street. In Sevilla, everyone walks on the crosswalk, but not necessarily when the little green light is on.

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