La Florentina Field Notes

6/17, 97 degrees Fahrenheit

I went out searching for a cool heladeria my Spanish professor had mentioned in class. I wandered around the street and asked shop keepers for direction and no one knew what I was talking about. I finally stopped into the only heladeria I could find on this street. They said they did not know about the place my professor had mentioned, but it wasn´t this. I showed them my map and said that I was on the circled street, but they did not know of the shop. They were very kind to me and helpful, even though I was asking lots of questions and was looking for their competition.

I tasted their Creama de Sevilla flavor. It was caramel, vanilla, and something I don´t know the translation for. It was creamy but too much of a vanilla flavor for me to buy a whole cup of it. I ended up with half trufa and half tarta de queso (cheesecake). I´ve noticed that everywhere I´ve gone so far expects me to order two flavors. I usually forget that, and when they ask if I only want the one flavor, I go ahead and add another.

The three sets of doors are all open as to let a cool breeze through the shop. The patrons sit in chairs outside where the air is cooler. A man and his kids enjoy their ice cream cones. Two women enjoy their ice cream cones. Light fixtures hang from the ceiling, but they are not on. The shop is mostly lit by natural light, and some lights on the walls, The walls themselves are covered in framed newspaper articles, and nick-knacks on the shelves above. Not everyone sits down to eat, with many people taking their ice cream to go. They have an horchata machine! Awesome! The street outside is pretty busy. There are no more patrons outside or in here. I leave at 7pm.

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