Heladreria Artesean Torres

This Heladeria is in Nervion, and I know about it mainly because it is the only place in town I know of with Nutella ice cream. My ice cream is chocolate-y, creamy and refreshing.  I went at 7 pm on a Monday.

There is only one seat inside. The rest are outside and shaded by a large canopy. The patrons are all older than me. One group is of two young men, in their late 20s or early 30s. The other two parties are of three women each, all in their 40s/50s and up. Both groups are done with their ice cream and are just chatting. One older woman is in a wheelchair, which makes me wonder if Nervion is more accessible than other parts of the city, as it is newer.  The counter takes up the majority of the indoor space, and a small cup is 3 euros.

People look through the window as they pass, a family with a stroller orders some ice cream, and many people use the water fountain without purchasing anything. There are no tourists around.

A man who is deaf hands out pieces of cardboard to each of the patrons explaining his situation and asking for food. He goes back to collect them and is polite when people shake their heads. He leaves.

A woman waiting for someone sits at a table by me, and looks at me inquisitively. (I know she was waiting for someone because after I picked up my Seveci I had to pass the heladreia again, and he was there with her)

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