Qualtrics Changes



On June 28th, Qualtrics, the survey application, will change in two ways, both designed to make the system easier to use. These changes will not affect existing surveys or access to existing surveys you already have distributed.  The changes will only affect the way you log in to Qualtrics and its user interface.


  1. The Office of Information Technology will be adding Qualtrics as a single sign-on application, which means you’ll be able to use your St. Edward’s username and password to log in, just as you do for myHilltop, Box and Canvas.
  2.  The look and feel of Qualtrics will be updated to the new “Insight Platform,” featuring a new layout and design. You can try out the new interface immediately by clicking “Experience the Qualtrics Insight Platform” in the user menu or wait until it goes live June 28. Please note: Most of the changes are cosmetic, and functionality will not be affected. For more details on the changes see our post on the new Qualtrics interface.

For more information about Qualtrics, contact OIT Support at support@stedwards.edu.

Explore the New Qualtrics Interface

On June 28th Qualtrics’ interface will be updated to the new Insight Platform featuring a new layout and design. You can try out the new interface immediately by clicking on “Experience the Qualtrics Insight Platform” or wait until it goes live on the 28th. While it looks different, most of the changes are cosmetic and you will still access your surveys under the new landing page. The new user interface organizes surveys into “My Projects”, surveys you created,  and “Shared with Me”, surveys shared with you. Qualtrics also added a few new features. We will focus on the interface changes and basic use in this post.

What are the Changes?

The new landing page interface:

1.) My Surveys: The new My Projects landing page replaced the My Surveys page. You will see Projects, Contacts, and Libraries on the top navigation, which will be visible for you on every screen.

2.) Moved survey tasks to the Project Options dropdown. WD-My-Surveys-2

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Canvas Commons for Qualtrics


Qualtrics is a research survey software that allows survey data collection and provides an analysis platform  to meet research needs. St. Edward’s now offers a Qualtrics self-paced online course on the Canvas Commons. The course gives students instructions to get started with Qualtrics, set up their own survey, distribute the survey and collect and analyze data.

If you wish to add the Canvas Qualtrics course as part of your course or if you simply wish to learn about the software, you can 1.) request to add students to take the self-paced course, 2.) take the course without registering or 3.) import the course into your own course


To request your students to be added to the self-paced course:
Send a request e-mail to lchen1@stedwards.edu with a list of student email addresses.

To take the course:
The course is open for public, you do not need to be a Canvas user to access this information. Go to the course URL here.

To import the course into your own course:
Canvas allows the training course to be imported into your course. Once you are logged in to your Canvas account, go to the Commons Tab and search for “Qualtrics Training

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 2.35.48 PM
To import the Qualtrics common into your own course, follow the instructions here

Introduction to Qualtrics: A Tool for Building Online Surveys



Qualtrics is an online survey application for creating, distributing and analyzing survey data. Qualtrics may be used for:

      • Academic research
      • Course evaluation
      • Experiment design
      • Student and Alumni outreach
      • Program administration


Getting Started

To get started, you will need to check out the basic interface of Qualtrics, which will allow you to  browse the pre-made survey questions, create survey questions, adjust account settings and launch your survey.

Check out how to set up your own account and the introduction to Qualtrics from the St. Edward’s ITTraining YouTube Channel

Account Settings

Before you start creating your own survey, you might want to check out the Account Settings, which will allow you to change your password, change time zone or change language.

Account settings

Creating Questions

Once you set up your Account settings, you are ready to start creating your survey questions. The following page explains how to add, delete, copy and edit questions in your Survey Tab.

View the instructions on creating your Survey Questions


If you want to collaborate on the survey with your teammates, the Collaborate feature allows your teammates to access your survey and modify it if needed.

Collaborate on a survey with teammates


Want to store your survey questions or need some survey ideas? Qualtrics offers My Library for your own questions as well as pre-made survey questions

My Library

If you have additional questions about surveys, research tools or using Qualtrics, please contact Instructional Technology at instcom@stedwards.edu.