Qualtrics Changes



On June 28th, Qualtrics, the survey application, will change in two ways, both designed to make the system easier to use. These changes will not affect existing surveys or access to existing surveys you already have distributed.  The changes will only affect the way you log in to Qualtrics and its user interface.


  1. The Office of Information Technology will be adding Qualtrics as a single sign-on application, which means you’ll be able to use your St. Edward’s username and password to log in, just as you do for myHilltop, Box and Canvas.
  2.  The look and feel of Qualtrics will be updated to the new “Insight Platform,” featuring a new layout and design. You can try out the new interface immediately by clicking “Experience the Qualtrics Insight Platform” in the user menu or wait until it goes live June 28. Please note: Most of the changes are cosmetic, and functionality will not be affected. For more details on the changes see our post on the new Qualtrics interface.

For more information about Qualtrics, contact OIT Support at support@stedwards.edu.