Creating a Sign-In Sheet using Canvas

Taking attendance using the Canvas Attendance feature can be cumbersome and time-consuming.  Using a traditional sign-in sheet and entering attendance information at a later time can often be quicker and easier.  Using the method outlined below, you’ll create a sign-in sheet that students pass around at the beginning of class, signing next to their name.  To create your sign-in sheet, you’ll simply download the course roster from Canvas, open it in Excel and format the roster into a sign-in sheet.  Here’s how:
1. Navigate to the Canvas Grade book:
2. Download your course roster from the Canvas Grade book:
3. Delete all of the columns but the student names:
4. Create a border around the cells in your Sign-in sheet:
5. The text in your rows will most likely be too small, so you’ll want to click the Format button to increase the row height:
6. Now you’re ready to print.  Click “Print” and make sure your roster fits in one page.  If not, repeat the previous step to reduce the row height slightly.