How Can You Level Up in Canvas?

By this point, you’ve probably used Canvas. But do you know all the ways you can make Canvas work for you? The Office of Information Technology’s LMS Success Team has been reaching out to faculty and encouraging them to try one new thing in Canvas — to “level up”. Leveling up might include trying online quizzes or using the Speedgrader to save grading time. You might add online announcements or discussions to facilitate communication outside of class.

We’ve got tips on all that and more at But you don’t just have to take our word for it.

How Have Faculty Leveled Up in Canvas?

As part of this Canvas Level Up campaign, we asked faculty to share a success story with using Canvas in their classes.  We’ve highlighted a few of the many faculty success stories we received in the story below. Click on the image and scroll through our Adobe Spark creation.

Fall 2017 Canvas Level Up Campaign

Interested in Leveling Up in Canvas? Learn more about the Level Up campaign online or contact any of the staff in Instructional Technology ( to discuss ideas or learn how to use Canvas in a new way.