Videoconferencing Tips for Presenters

Are you planning to use the new high definition videoconferencing equipment available in the Global Digital Classrooms?  This equipment allows classes to interact in real time no matter where they are located.  If you are presenting in a videoconferencing environment you might be interested in some advice from faculty experienced in working in this setting.  Dr. Dwight Daniel, Director of MSCIS, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at St. Edward’s University, has developed some videoconferencing do’s and don’ts to help you get started.  Below are some highlights for presenters. A subsequent post will highlight tips for participants.

  • Do prepare in advance for the meeting.
  • Be aware that in a video conference you are on camera at all times even when you can’t see yourself – speak directly to the camera and treat the others as if they were in the room with you.
  • Speak in a normal tone.  Don’t shout or whisper.
  • Don’t make distracting sounds.
  • Don’t wear “noisy” jewelry.  Even a metal band on your watch banging on the table as you move will drive participants crazy if you are near a microphone.
  • Don’t carry on side conversations with your room audience.  It is discourteous to your remote listeners and can make them wonder what they are missing.
  • Be culturally sensitive.  For example, in some societies is it impolite to walk out of an ongoing meeting, no matter the reason.  In others, people should not lean back in chairs.
  • Be courteous to other participants (wait for the person to finish speaking before jumping in).
  • Be yourself and have fun!

Visit the St. Edward’s University Global Digital Classrooms website for more information on videoconferencing.

Complete Video Conferencing Do’s and Dont’s from Dr. Dwight Daniels.