Faculty Governance

All contracted faculty are members of the Faculty Collegium. The Collegium generally meets once a semester and is a forum for faculty to be informed of developments on campus and for discussion of issues of interest or concern. Most faculty business is conducted by the Faculty Senate. The Senate is elected, with representation from each School, undergraduate and graduate, as well as some members elected at large. Senators representing schools must have five years service at SEU; there is no length of service requirement for senators elected at large. Senators elected at large constitute the Faculty Elections and Appointments Committee (FEAC).

There are several types of faculty committees. Some are elected (e.g. Faculty Evaluation committee); some are appointed by the FEAC (e.g., Faculty Compensation Committee); some are composed of only faculty members (e.g., Faculty Development committee); and some are composed of faculty, staff, and administrators, with the faculty representatives appointed by the FEAC. Some committees are standing, and new appointments are made annually for one or two year terms; other committees are ad hoc and serve only so long as necessary to accomplish a specific task. The link below and the menu on the side lead to current faculty committees for the academic year. The year in which the faculty member’s term expires is also indicated.

Faculty Meetings Documents Archive

View the Faculty Meetings Documents Archive (Minutes and Proposals) now available in Box to faculty users with a St. Edward’s username and password.

Posting Committee Meeting Minutes and Proposals

All committees are encouraged to post their meeting minutes and proposals for faculty viewing using Box. To post the minutes and proposals in your specific faculty group visit the document archive page and follow the instructions provided to upload to a faculty group folder via email with your St. Edward’s account.