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View the Faculty Meetings Documents Archive (Minutes and Proposals) now available in Box to faculty users with a St. Edward’s username and password.

Posting Committee Meeting Minutes and Proposals

All committees are encouraged to use this page be able to post their minutes and proposals for faculty viewing. To upload files to each of the faculty groups:

  1. There are two options: Click on the email address and use your default email application OR Copy the email address next to the faculty group folder below. For example, if you would like to upload folders to the Academic Council fodler copy the email:
  2. Next, create a new email using your preferred email application and paste the address into the To: field.
  3. Attach the file you would like to upload to that folder, for example meeting minutes or a proposal. Make sure the file name of the file includes the date.
  4. Click on send. Once that email is sent, the file will be uploaded to the folder for others to view.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email stating: Success! Your email attachment was uploaded to the Box folder.

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