Faculty Senate and University Committees


Faculty Senate and University Committee Membership 

Faculty Collegium (Faculty Manual Sec. 1.2.7) Faculty Senate Senate Executive Committee (SEC)

Standing Committees of the Collegium (Faculty Manual Sec 1.2.8) Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC) Faculty Elections and Appointments Committee (FEAC) Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) Faculty Performance Evaluation Committee (FPEC) Curriculum Committee (CC) General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) Contingent Faculty Committee (CFC) Faculty Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (FCDI) Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee (DTAC) Collegiality Committee (CollComm) Promotion and Tenure Review Committee (PTRC)

Standard Appointments to University Committees  (Faculty Manual Sec 1.2.9) Admission Advocacy Committee Athletic Council Faculty Manual Revision Committee (FMRC) Financial Aid and Student Success Committee (FASSC) (under revision) Student Life Council (SLC) (under revision)

Other University Committees (Faculty Manual Sec. 1.2.10) Institutional Review Board (IRB) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) Steering Committee Teaching, Learning, and Technology Roundtable (TLTR) University Assessment Committee (UAC) University Program Review Committee (UPR)