Egyptian Presidency


This week I chose to investigate two articles that touch on the Egyptian Presidency. The first article about former President Mohammad Morsi is a very important one. Morsi’s election set the stage for future presidents in Egypt because he was the first democratically elected President. Although Morsi was elected democratically, he was seen by many Egyptians as doing very little about restore the economy and fix the social problems in the country.

Just over a year ago, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was elected president with a 97% majority vote. Although, many Egyptians are now questioning Sisi’s plan’s to fix Egypt’s economy and social problems. Many Egyptians claim that the reason he was elected was to over through President Morsi. Although President Sisi has expressed his concern for changing the way things are done, his political views are beginning to scare the Egyptian people. During his campaign, President Sisi said that democracy in Egypt would not be attainable for at least 25 years. Naturally this statement cause uneasiness in many Egyptians who were at one time at the mercy of Morsi.┬áThis new information helps me understand the direction in which democracy is headed in Egypt. It also helps me better understand democracy on a globalization level.

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