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Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorism

This week I focused on the Muslim Brotherhood in relation to terrorism. The first article I found discusses the Prince of Wales’ visit to Saudi Arabia and the issues that were discussed. During the conversation between the Prince of Wales and the Saudi hosts, the Saudi’s questioned and articulated London’s discussion to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to operate freely. The reason that Saudi Arabia is up in arms about Britian’s unwillingness to claim the Brotherhood as terrorists is because the U.K is allies with Saudi Arabia. According to deep investigations, there is no reason to believe that the group is tied to terrorism, however by claiming this Saudi Arabia would be infuriated.

The second article I looked at hits on many allegations related to the Muslim Brotherhood and their involvement in extreme military acts of violence. It is not always easy to say if the Muslim Brotherhood is related to terrorism because there are many factors involved, such as agreements between countries.

Egyptian Presidency


This week I chose to investigate two articles that touch on the Egyptian Presidency. The first article about former President Mohammad Morsi is a very important one. Morsi’s election set the stage for future presidents in Egypt because he was the first democratically elected President. Although Morsi was elected democratically, he was seen by many Egyptians as doing very little about restore the economy and fix the social problems in the country.

Just over a year ago, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi was elected president with a 97% majority vote. Although, many Egyptians are now questioning Sisi’s plan’s to fix Egypt’s economy and social problems. Many Egyptians claim that the reason he was elected was to over through President Morsi. Although President Sisi has expressed his concern for changing the way things are done, his political views are beginning to scare the Egyptian people. During his campaign, President Sisi said that democracy in Egypt would not be attainable for at least 25 years. Naturally this statement cause uneasiness in many Egyptians who were at one time at the mercy of Morsi.┬áThis new information helps me understand the direction in which democracy is headed in Egypt. It also helps me better understand democracy on a globalization level.

Cairo’s New Social Network

Ever since a revolution broke out as a result of the Arab Spring, the young generation have made a point to not forget the events taking place. They record these events using the modern tool of spray paint. This young generation have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the voice of the revolution continues to echo through the streets of Cairo, by way of graffiti. For the oppressed people of Cairo, the graffiti evokes both hope and rage. The graffiti art is a double edged
sword, perpetuating hope in protesters, and anger in the government.

Muslim Brotherhood

For many years, experts in national security and other members of Congress have suspected influence on the United States by the Muslim Brotherhood. What they mean by influence is the Muslim Brotherhood is disseminating propoganda in the U.S. Many members of Congress have called for investigations into the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s influence on the Obama Administration.

The reason that Qatar asked his fellow Brotherhood members to leave the country was for protection. Following the Arab uprisings in 2011, many Brotherhood leaders have been killed.