Cracking Down on the Brotherhood

This week I chose to focus on the the new claims and regulations that are bing put into play regarding the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organizations. Although Egypt labeled the Brotherhood a terrorist group last December, it wasn’t until recently that they are being recognized as such. The first article I read this week talks about The United Arab Emirates decision to group multiple groups as being extremists organizations . The article talked about how the Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia and the kingdom of Bahrain see the Brotherhood as meddling in other nation’s affairs and shaking up the regions. The second article I read focuses more specifically on the laws that are now being enforced. It is interesting to see how it has taken so long for Egypt to allow millitary coups to try civilians who have damages facilities like the al-Azhar University in Cairo.

One thought on “Cracking Down on the Brotherhood

  1. Very cool! Interesting material on the political/ideological shifts of the Brotherhood and the division of politics and religion. Which did you find to be the more practical of the two in the end? Good point about political realism.

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